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Scientists Link Stress with Long Working Hours | French Tribune

Scientists Link Stress with Long Working Hours

A recent study has found a link between alcohol and long working hours. The study was conducted by the New Zealand researchers at Otago University. The findings of the study are yet to be published in the British peer-reviewed journal Addiction.

For the study, the researchers examined about 1,000 people aged 25-30. During the study, the researchers found, “Individuals working 50 or more hours per week had rates of alcohol-related problems that were 1.8 to 3.3 times higher than those for individuals who were not employed”.

The led author of the study, Gibb informed that the people indulge into binge drinking in order to kill the stress caused by their jobs. It is believed that improved social relations will help the stressed out employees to reduce the consumption of alcohol.

To believe the study, workers who work more than 50 hours a week have 25 to 30% higher chances of indulging into binge drinking. In previous studies, binge drinking has been linked with numerous diseases. Therefore, it is necessary that efforts should be made in reducing the stress level of employees either by reducing their working hours or by introducing better recreational activities in the working place or in the community.


No surprise there! Time to take a day or two off work…