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Patients getting younger in rural diabetes struggle – ABC

Alarming figures released this week by Diabetes Australia suggest we may not be as healthy as we like to think. There are double the amount of Victorians living with diabetes in 2011 than there were a decade ago, with even teenagers receiving the diagnosis. In launching the findings, the chief executive of Diabetes Australia, Professor […]

Nightmare nightcap: how drinking affects your sleep quality

Drinking alcohol is a pretty bad sleep aid and may become part of a cycle of decline. kjmatthews Sleeping is normally when our body sticks itself back together. Your breathing and your heart rate slow down, and gradually your body repairs itself, undoing all the damage you’ve done to yourself during the day. Sometimes we […]

The hidden side of antidepressants: are they putting young lives at risk?

Antidepressants double the chance of a young person making a suicide attempt. Flickr/kamera kz In early 2009, two 16-year-old Queensland girls tragically hanged themselves within weeks of each other. The girls’ lives were plagued with abuse, self-harm and illicit drug use, and their deaths raised questions about the quality of care provided for troubled teens […]

CNN Documentary – The Last Heart Attack

A great new documentary from CNN has become available on the web. This 40 min film takes a close look at how people like Bill Clinton have used diet to tackle their heart disease. Click ‘continue reading’ to watch the film on Vimeo or YouTube.

Sanitarium | Good Food News Spring 2011

The latest edition of Sanitarium’s Good Food News is out. You can download it directly here or better yet, you can subscribe directly to Good Food News. Visit https://www.sanitarium.com.au/membership to receive the regular magazine. 

Sanitarium | Red and processed meat linked with Diabetes risk

In May 2011, the World Cancer Research Fund issued up-dated advice on diet and lifestyle factors that impact the risk of colon cancer and stated that there was convincing evidence that red and processed meat increased colon cancer risk. A new study from Harvard now highlights the risk associated with red and processed meat intake […]

Sanitarium | Is 15 mins of daily exercise enough?

Taiwanese researchers recently published a study involving 400,000 people that indicated 15 minutes of daily activity could increase life expectancy by three years and reduce death risk by 14%. They also found that more exercise delivers even better gains with each additional 15 minutes of daily activity reducing all-cause mortality by another 4%.

Obesity and Cancer of the Esophagus | PositiveChoices.com

Posted by Elvin Adams on July 18th 2011 at 12:41am Obesity is associated with a higher risk of several cancers, including cancer of the thyroid, colon, kidney, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and uterus. But the strongest association between obesity and cancer is with the esophagus. 

SMH | Cancer patients in denial over poor lifestyle choices

Julie Robotham August 22, 2011 –> “Collective denial” CANCER patients are in collective denial, attributing to stress, genetics or other factors beyond their control diseases more likely to be triggered by lifestyle choices such as obesity or smoking, the first Australian study into the question has found.