Summer Camp – Camp Philosophy

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Camp Philosophy

In a society of changing values and growing insecurity, summer Camps are a unique opportunity for Christian leaders to offer a safe healthy and spiritual environment where young people can taste the spirit of an authentic Christian Community. Every young person is precious to God needing to be treasured, loved, respected and served. Summer Camps are an opportunity for us as leaders to give them a glimpse of God’s view of them. It is a time of great fun and laughter, a time to develop new relationships, a time to better know Jesus and worship Him meaningfully. Summer Camps are a catalyst for our youth towards commitment and service to Jesus.


Building Confident And Committed Christians

1. To make attractive the joys and privileges of knowing Jesus. To encourage spiritual habits such as devotional times, prayer and witnessing.

2. To affect in each camper desirable changes toward Christian character and behaviour by meeting Jesus face to face for the first time or renewing a vital relationship with Him.

3. To give opportunity for making Christian friendships and to foster the development of social skills, loyalty, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility.

4. To promote Christian unity among the diversity of cultures our youth represent.

5. To teach new skills and thus increase the sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

6. To give knowledge of outdoor skills that may lead to a lifetime of enjoyment in outdoor recreation.

7. To deepen the sense of mission among Seventh-day Adventist youth.

8. Have fun.