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health20-20.org : Best Fats or Oils?

Best Fats or Oils? What fats or oils are the best for me to use? I am trying to improve my family’s diet by methodically implementing changes in what I buy. You are the kind of mom who is so wise by making incremental changes that your family will hardly notice, yet will do them […]

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need? | PositiveChoices.com

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need? Posted by Gary Hopkins on June 5th 2010 at 1:36am In a previous blog we discussed how important sleep is for kids. Here is some more information that you might find interesting regarding sleep and kids, from a report by researchers at Stanford University.

health20-20.org : Milk or Silk®?

Milk or Silk® (or So Good)? I know there are folk who get emotional about dairy, but what is the best to drink—milk or Silk®? When you say “Silk®,” you are referring to a product available in U.S. supermarkets, but also available is a product called So Good®.

Alcohol Summit Report

Following the Adventist Health Professionals Conference the Sydney Adventist Hospital and the South Pacific Division Health Department hosted an Alcohol Summit.

Adventist Health Professionals Conference Report

This previous weekend I had the pleasure of attending this Adventist Health Professionals Conference held at the Sydney Adventist Speaker. It was a fantastic weekend with a great variety of speakers and topics.