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Whooping cough makes ‘resurgence’ – ABC News

Health authorities say whooping cough is once again causing concern on the New South Wales north coast.

Almost 700 cases have been reported so far this year.

That is an increase of more than 50 per cent on the five-year average for the region.

Paul Corben, from the North Coast Public Health Unit, says parents with newborn babies should take precautions to limit their exposure.

“We’ve seen a resurgence in whooping cough since about July last year and unfortunately in April we had another little baby died from whooping cough,” he said.

“So it’s those little babies who are too young to be vaccinated that are really at greatest risk during whooping cough and that’s where all the protective measures are aimed.

“If people contract whooping cough, either after having the disease or after vaccination some years down the track, they do experience a milder course of illness.

“They’re not as infectious but they still can be infectious, so it’s important if people do have a cough that’s persistent that they really should get along and see a doctor and have it diagnosed.”